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With the hope and galvanizing power of the new administration and the opportunities that a recovering economy offer in coming years, there is much to look forward to in improving the quality of life of individuals and communities through community-based and global health initiatives. We at Next Generation Consulting Group (NGCG) are energized by the growing sense of shared responsibility and understanding around the fact that the United States’ and the world’s health status and economic fates are intertwined and we are prepared to support the actions necessary to improve the health and quality of life of poor, underserved or vulnerable populations living in the United State and beyond. Our experience, our resources and our passion are committed to promoting more effective, equitable investments in health through our consulting practice.

NGCG works with groups of emerging and seasoned leaders to build their capacity and leverage their social capital while simultaneously accelerating measurable improvements in the well-being of the communities served by their organizations. The focus of our work is getting organizations and communities to go from “talk to action quickly in order to make a difference, versus just trying hard and hoping for the best.” Based on the Theory of Aligned Actions and through the use of tools (e.g. Results-Based Accountability (RBA) Framework , Results Based Facilitation , MBTI, etc.), our clients can gain the knowledge and tools to improve the performance of their systems and organizations via training and technical assistance services to ensure that their residents are better off. Utilizing the strategic power of their results, these leaders are able to work productively as partners to achieve shared goals developed together. NGCG’s experienced team facilitates and coaches individuals working in all level of our clients’ organizations to operate at higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, also.

Our support of program evaluation for institutions and organizations focused on improving the health of underserved communities continues to help build a strong case for future investments and the importance of focusing resources in areas most in need. For example, Tuskegee University’s National Center of Bioethics is making great strides on ensuring proper attention on the bioethical issues as they related to underserved community on local and national policy levels. In addition, we have supported the implementation and evaluation of training models in bioethical critical thinking skills and behaviors within client-centered systems for the next generation of the U.S. physician workforce.
Our international projects have resulted in key lessons about leadership development, health workforce development and systems strengthening that we can be applied to in the US and with clients in many other parts of the world. The depth and experience of our seasoned global health consulting team can support your organization’s work on many levels – from global health policy and systems development to building programs and processes.

We are happy that you have visited our website and that you are interested in learning more about NGCG’s comprehensive array of leadership mobilization, strategic planning, performance improvement and health systems consulting services. We welcome your feedback and collaboration. Please contact us to discuss how we can work with your organization to address its needs, challenges and opportunities and to turn the curve on health issues critical to the communities you serve.

In the strength of our shared values,

Roderick K. King, MD, MPH

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