Community Engagement

Knowledge and Expertise

NGCG’s team has considerable experience assisting community partners during all phases of their projects to build healthier communities. With our practical hands-on information and support, clients are better able to:

  • Promote positive social change and take action on health promotion, health protection and disease prevention through coalitions, partnerships or collaborations
  • Cultivate social entrepreneurship to strengthen individual contributions to health and quality of life programs

Training and Facilitation

Community engagement is a blend of science and art. NGCG’s team draws on its health policy, organizational development knowledge and facilitative leadership skills to inform the science basis of our training and facilitation services. We help our clients further develop and apply their understanding, sensitivity, and skills to adapt that science in ways that fit the community and purposes of the specific engagement efforts.

We offer support through training programs and hands-on facilitation services tailored to meet the needs of the organizations and desired project results.

Results-Based Accountability

Results Scorecard is a strategic management software tool designed to help non-profit and government organizations work smarter and create measurable results for their customers and communities.

Results Scorecard 2.0®

Supports the implementation of RBA
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