Global Health

Knowledge and Expertise

NGCG is committed to sharing our global health experience, and applying our tools and learnings to improving the health and well being in communities around the globe.

Over time, health has become more clearly identified as a key driver of socioeconomic progress; with more public and private resources invested in health over the same period. To put it more simply: Poverty continues to contribute to poor health, and poor health is a primary factor that anchors large populations in poverty.

For health improvement to operate as a poverty-reduction strategy, health services must reach the poor and underserved populations. Factors such as stable economies, strong health systems, and supportive social environments are associated, globally, with the well-being and security of communities.

With this understanding and our skills in relationship building and the ways of doing business in various cultures, NGCG will utilize its internal and worldwide network of resources to offer:

  • System analysis and design
  • Revenue enhancement, privatization, reorganization, quality improvement projects
  • Workforce recruitment, and other management and facility planning projects to support our clients’ needs and desired results

Training and Facilitation

NGCG’s team of International Health experts offer support through training programs and hands-on facilitation services tailored to meet the needs of the client systems and organizations and desired results.

Workforce Development

NGCG’s health workforce expertise ensures that the client organization’s staff- one of its greatest assets - works in a culturally competent environment that is motivating and rewarding.

NGCG provides the following support services for an organization’s core functions:

  • Developing and strengthening the client’s leadership on matters critical to health, catalyzing change and engaging in partnerships where joint action is needed
  • Support health workforce diversity policies and program development
  • Internal management development and support, and building sustainable institutional capacity

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