Organizational Development

Strategic Planning

NGCG guides your organization through a disciplined seven-step process for taking immediate action that contributes to measurable improvement relying primarily on low-cost or no-cost options. Using the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) approach we employ, you and your partners will answer these simple yet powerful questions:

  • What are the quality of life conditions we want for the children, adults and families who live in our community?
  • What would these conditions look like if we could see them?
  • How can we measure these conditions?
  • How are we doing on the most important of these measures?
  • Who are the partners that have a role to play in doing better?
  • What works to do better, including no-cost and low-cost ideas?
  • What do we propose to do?

Program Management

Through our Results-Based Accountability (RBA) approach, we will help you maximize your organization’s performance and achieve measurable results. Our success results from:

  • Identifying processes that work efficiently
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring sustainability through community responsive programming, services and partnerships

NGCG can also tailor our services to address individual areas of management concern.

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