Performance Management

Results-Based Accountability (RBA)

NGCG believes that individuals at all levels of an organization are able to produce measurable results for their clients and the communities they serve, when provided with the right skills training and tools.

Results-Based Accountability (RBA) is a disciplined, step-by-step approach used to improve the performance of programs, agencies and service systems. Developed by Mark Friedman, founder of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, RBA has been successfully used in over 40 states and countries by a variety of community groups, systems, and other public and private partners.

NGCG uses RBA as a management tool to monitor program progress and evaluations. RBA helps explain why some programs are succeeding and others are failing, and allows users to define areas for improvement. Clearly articulated results (goals), supported by data, are tracked and reported to our clients to share progress and results.

A cohesive results-based accountability system includes the following components:

  • A strategic planning process
  • Goals and indicator
  • Benchmarks or targets
  • Mechanisms for regular reporting to community and among other stakeholders

Health Systems Planning (or Health Systems Strategy)

NGCG’s team provides the expertise and tools to enrich your health systems strategic planning process and take immediate, practical and sustainable action on the challenges facing your community. With our support, you and your partners will be well prepared to:

  • Focus on the problem, realizing its urgency
  • Work together to develop and agree on the strategies that work
  • Track and measure the changes in real time
  • Utilize available data to identify new strategies and close the gap between the baseline and the desired results

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